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The movement of fluid within the body is directly affected by the pressure within the blood vessels. Further the fluid is moved from the lower extremities via the skeletal muscle pump action. Hence when the calf muscle is inactive for prolonged periods of time (e.g. when seated/standing) the muscle pump is inactive and in turn has an adverse effect on blood circulation. During these prolonged periods of inactivity an external device could mimic the calf muscle pump when in its active state, circulation would not be affected.

This is made possible by compressing the calf muscle, thereby causing the vessels to collapse and increase the pressure within them, which would in turn push the fluid within the vessels to their desired location. In order to improve the venous return of blood, the pressure applied at the distal portion of the limbs need to be higher than that of the proximal regions (positive pressure difference to push blood back up).

wavetec™'s active compression pattern that mimics natural muscle contractions to improve circulation, increase cellular oxygen supply, and stimulate tissue repair.


Leg Extension
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